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Owner Builder Home Indemnity Insurance is required in WA when an Owner Builder sells their dwelling with works done over $12, 000 within the Statutory Warranty period (seven years).

Residential Owner Builders Home Indemnity Insurance protects the home purchaser and subsequent home purchaser from prescribed defective workmanship in the event that the owner builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent during the Home Indemnity period.

What’s included in the Policy:

  • Owner Builder Indemnity covers the purchaser, or any subsequent purchaser, of the property for the balance
    of the 7 year period after the final or occupancy certificate was issued if the owner builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent, however defects, incomplete works or second hand materials noted in the Defects Inspection Report are exempt.

Why Choose BuildSafe?

  • Best price for your home
  • Avoid discounting your sale price because there is no warranty insurance
  • You or your clients will benefit from the most comprehensive & exclusive policy on the market today
  • Quick turnaround. Paperwork is processed quickly and efficiently as our service includes urgent response facilities, i.e – we are able to issue the insurance policy by email.
  • Expert Knowledge. Providing particular help for those with complex cases
  • Less stress and Hassle. Our underwriting and service support package provides you with peace of mind, easy policy completion and follow up support and advice.
  • Our experience. BuildSafe and our sister company Australian Owner Builders have been helping owner builders for the past 30 years. We have the proven track record and know all the pitfalls and their solutions

Before we can issue you with a policy we require the following:

  • Identification e.g drivers licence
  • Inspection/defects report – from an approved inspector with P.I insurance
  • Completed and signed proposal form
  • Copy of the Building Permit
  • Copy of the Builders Services Board/Builders Registration Board Certificate
  • Copy of the Certificate of Occupancy (if new home)
  • Payment: Money Order, Bank Cheque or Credit Card Details

Please ask about our Turnaround time options available to you:

  • Standard Turnaround– 24 hours
  • Express Service– 4 hours
  • Super Express Service – 1 hour (subject to satisfactory receipt of Application and supporting documents)

Let BuildSafe Insurance Brokers arrange Home Indemnity, while you stay focussed on selling your home for the very best price!


Got a Question about Owner Builder Home Indemnity Insurance? We’ve got the Answer!

It is a compulsory insurance required by the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 (WA).
The insurance provides the purchaser (and subsequent purchasers) with cover for the Statutory Warranties provided in the Act. It is important to note that a claim can only be made under this policy if the Owner Builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent. Otherwise, it is the Owner Builders responsibility to rectify any faults that are not listed as defects, incomplete works or second hand materials under the defect report.
The legislation applies to any residential building work undertaken by an Owner Builder, over $12,000 in value. This insurance only applies where the property is sold within 7 years from the Building License date in Western Australia. It is not required if the Owner Builder does not sell the property within this period.
Home Indemnity Insurance commences from the Building License date and extends for 7 years. The maximum limit of indemnity is $100,000.
An Owner Builder that sells within 7 years from the Building License date and fails to obtain Owner Builder Indemnity Insurance, or attach an insurance certificate to the Contract of Sale, can face a fine of up to $10,000. If a Contract of Sale has been entered into without Owner Builder Indemnity Insurance, the purchaser can void the contract at any time before completion of the contract.



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