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Site Liability Insurance

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OH&S Fine and Legal Costs are not covered by Construction and Public Liability Insurance Policy.

The problem – as principal contractor, you are responsible for what happens on site. If one of the workers is injured, the site is deemed unsafe – you are ACCOUNTABLE, even if it wasn’t your fault!

What’s included in the Policy:

  • BuildSafe Site Liability Insurance policy will cover the builder for a statutory claim (fine + legal costs)* As long as you trade as a Pty Ltd Company
  • Even if you are acting as a subbie on a site, you are covered, if you are dragged into an OH&S claim

Why Choose BuildSafe?

  • Being a Specialised Building Industry broker who has been dealing with Warranty Insurers since 1996, we have an experienced team available to help you clear up any issues with the insurer, so you you can get back to doing what you do well – building! Carmen and the team look forward to helping you.


Two recent cases bring home this point:
1. In the case of a worker who was killed on a site in Pakenham when a concrete panel which was being lifted into place fell on him, the crane company and the principal contract builder were both fined. Plus, they had to fund their own legal costs! Each had over $100,000 in costs!

Can you afford that?
2. However, in the case of Hillman Vs. Ferro Con Paolo Maione, Maione was the Responsible Officer of Ferro Con. The deceased was a rigger who was adjusting a large monorail beam when it fell and killed him.

Ferro Con had policies and procedures that were of a generic nature with some Job Safety Analysis documents. However, at no time was the job properly analysed for risk. As such, it was not a safe working environment. The insurance policy, covered all penalties imposed upon the director.

We do not want to see you payout for an OH&S claim – which was NOT your fault. Site Liability Insurance is the answer.


Got a Question about Site Liability Insurance? We’ve got the Answer!

Yes, you are, if you are dragged into an Occupational Health & Safety claim.
No, to cover you from an unforeseen workplace accident that could seriously affect you financially – under $1000.
Bonus:- if the Tax Department pick you to do an audit – As part of our negotiated package – you have up to $50,000 costs cover for a tax professional to prepare for the audit.
Yes, please complete the attached insolvency questionnaire.
Provided any breach is not attributable to or in consequence of any wilful, intentional deliberate act or cause by gross negligence or recklessness or by a dishonest, fraudulent act or omission, you will be covered.



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